D. G. Eagling


Commissions are accepted for subjects
Don Eagling
  of mutual interest to client and artist.

Work for commissions will not be billed
    Unless the client is completely satisfied
with the result.

Price range for standard sizes will usually
    Range from $500 to $4000 based upon
size and complexity.

Recent commissions:

  Tiburon Vista 18 x 24 Acrylic
    To take their Tiburon view with them to New York City

  Wolverine Bowl 12x16 Acrylic
  A gift from mother to daughter

  Early Snow, Bear Creek Pond 30x40 Acrylic
    For new Tahoe home

  The Rubicon, High Sierra 14x18 Acrylic  
    From the bride to the groom

  Golden Gate Bridge 16x20 Acrylic  
    Memories of the Bay Area

  Dear Park Drive, Alpine Meadows 11x14 Acrylic  
    Memories of cabin under winter's snow

  Mount Diablo Country 36x36 Acrylic  
    For over the fireplace

Often people buy paintings because of pleasant memories, a place they love or an environment they want to
bring into the home.

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